prido i9 dash cam

Kamera samochodowa Prido i7 pro | Wi-Fi, Sony STARVIS IMX291, WDR
Kamera samochodowa Prido i7 pro | Wi-Fi, Sony STARVIS IMX291, WDR
Kamera samochodowa Prido i7 pro | Wi-Fi, Sony STARVIS IMX291, WDR
Kamera samochodowa Prido i7 pro | Wi-Fi, Sony STARVIS IMX291, WDR

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Video resolution (MAX) 3840x2160px (4K, 2160P)
Compatibility with rear cam Yes
Touch screen Yes
Wi-Fi Module Yes
Screen size 3 inches
GPS Module Yes
Frames/s (FPS) 120FPS (1080P) / 30FPS (4K)
Voice control Yes
WDR Mode Yes
Parking mode Yes (4 options)
Lane Assist Yes
Front Collision Warning Yes
microSD max size 256 GB
View angle 150°
Magnetic mount Yes
2xUSB Car charger Yes
Power Supercapacitor
Accessories included 1. Prido i9 dash cam
2. Magnetic mount with GPS module
3. Car charger (2xUSB, 12/24V)
4. Cable holders
5. USB Cable (3,6 m)
6. User manual
prido i9 dash cam
prido i9 dash cam
Prido i9 Magnetic mount
magnetic mount with GPS module
Car charger 2xUSB
car charger 2xUSB 12/24V
Prido i9 cable holders
cable holders
USB cable 3,6 m
USB cable 3,6 m
User manual Prido i9
user manual
Kamera samochodowa Prido i9 - Rozdzielczość 4K


Record videos

in the highest quality

From now on, no detail of the recorded surroundings will escape you. Recording videos in cinematic 4K resolution of 3840x2160 at 30FPS guarantees excellent video quality at any time. With these parameters, the footage captured by the Prido i9 dashcam will look great on high-quality computer screens as well as on large-screen televisions. The high image resolution will also capture a lot more details in the video, which can be helpful in clearly determining what happened on the road in the event of an incident.

Wideorejestrator Prido i9 Sensor Sony 4K



optical sensor

The Prido i9 car camera features a high-quality Sony Night View sensor that records in 4K resolution and performs exceptionally well even in low-light conditions. With the implementation of Sony's sensor, the Prido i9 camera excels in capturing detailed footage both during the day and at night. It is also capable of recording high-quality video material without being hindered by challenging weather conditions, such as heavy rain. This means that when using the Prido i9 camera, you don't have to worry about changes in lighting conditions affecting the functionality of the dashcam.

Kamera samochodowa z trybem parkingowym


Customize the parking mode

to suit your needs

Ensure the safety of your vehicle when you are not nearby. The Prido i9 car camera is equipped with four parking modes, allowing your car to stay protected at all times. It's up to you to choose between the classic parking mode, low-bitrate mode, time-lapse mode, or motion detection mode. The ability to select from these four parking modes enables you to customize the parking mode according to the specific location where your car is parked. To activate the parking modes, it is necessary to provide a continuous power source to the Prido i9 dashcam (Prido HK1 power module).

Prido i9 - rejestrator jazdy ze sterowaniem głosowym


Control the camera

using voice commands

You can operate the Prido i9 camera using short voice commands. This allows you to activate basic device functions without taking your hands off the steering wheel, significantly improving your safety on the road. With voice commands, you can, for example, protect the currently recorded footage from being overwritten or turn off/on the dashcam screen. The ability to perform basic operations using voice commands greatly enhances the convenience of using your car camera.

Kamera samochodowa Wi-Fi


Wireless connection

to the camera

The Prido i9 camera is equipped with a Wi-Fi module, allowing you to instantly access recordings through the free mobile application. You no longer need to remove the memory card to view what the camera has recorded. In addition to wireless access to the saved videos, the Prido app also enables you to configure the dashcam settings from your mobile device. The free Prido app is available for both Android and iOS systems.

Prido i9 wideorejestrator GPS lokalizacja


Data about

speed and location

The Prido i9 camera's magnetic mount includes a GPS module, which enables the device to gather data about the vehicle's location and speed. Such information can be invaluable when a driver needs to prove that they were traveling at the permitted speed in a specific area after a road incident. The GPS module of the Prido i9 camera operates fully automatically. This means that upon connection, it automatically connects to GPS satellites and calibrates the signal.

Kamera samochodowa z ekranem dotykowym


Sensitive and precise

touchscreen display

The high-quality touchscreen and intuitive menu of the Prido i9 camera allow you to easily change settings without the need to search for specific buttons. The camera's interface has been designed to make device operation as easy as possible. With the use of a precise and sensitive touchscreen display, all you need to do is select the desired function and choose its settings. All changes to the options are made in the blink of an eye.

Kamera samochodowa z tylną kamerą


The ability to connect

the Prido T1 module

The Prido i9 camera is designed to work with the Prido T1 rear camera module (not included in the kit). When the module is connected to the Prido i9 device, it enables simultaneous recording of the front and rear views of the car, significantly increasing the chances of capturing any road incidents that may be of interest. The Prido T1 module is also fully compatible with the four parking modes of the Prido i9 camera, allowing the rear camera to record footage during parking-related events as well.

Wideorejestrator z systemem ADAS Inteligentne wsparcie kierowcy


Intelligent driver

assistance system

The Prido i9 camera is equipped with an intelligent Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). Depending on the selected options, the dashcam can provide the driver with warnings about lane departure, excessive proximity to the vehicle ahead, vehicles starting to move in front during a stop at traffic lights, and the lack of headlights being turned on. The ADAS system can significantly enhance driver and passenger safety.

Kamera Prido i9 ekran dotykowy duży


A 3-inch

diagonal screen

An intuitive interface and a sensitive and precise touchscreen are not the only conveniences that make operating the Prido i9 camera easy and enjoyable. The 3-inch diagonal screen, equivalent to 7.62 centimeters, ensures that you can easily navigate and access the desired functions. This screen size also allows for effortless playback of recorded videos directly from the dashcam.

Rejestrator jazdy tryb WDR


Hardware optimization

for image quality

The Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) mode is a system of algorithms that allows the Prido i9 camera to optimize the quality of recorded videos even in challenging lighting conditions. With WDR, the camera can effectively handle high contrast scenes, making elements such as license plates more visible and clear, even in situations where the area in front of the vehicle is either very dark (night driving) or very bright (driving towards direct sunlight).

Prido i9 uchwyt magnetyczny


Quick installation

and removal of the camera

Thanks to the magnetic mount, the installation and removal of the Prido i9 camera takes literally a second. The mount is equipped with high-quality neodymium magnets that attract the camera to the mount when brought close, ensuring a stable installation. To remove the camera from the windshield, simply grab it and pull, making it easy to transfer the recorder between vehicles or access the memory card inside the device.

Kamera samochodowa G-Sensor


Automatically protect

the most important recordings

The Prido i9 car camera is equipped with a high-quality G-Sensor that protects recordings from being overwritten in a loop in case significant forces are detected on the vehicle. This ensures that videos recorded during accidents or other sudden road events are not deleted when the memory card runs out of space. The G-Sensor also allows the camera to wake up from standby mode when it is in parking mode.

Ładowarka 2xUSB Kamera Prido i9


Do not block

the cigarette lighter socket

In the package with the Prido i9 camera, you will find a Dual Charger with two USB ports. This allows you to charge your phone or power your navigation device while using the dashcam. The 2xUSB Prido charger is compatible with both cars (12V) and trucks (24V), so you won't have to worry about blocking the cigarette lighter socket with the Prido i9.

Wideorejestrator nagrywanie w pętli


Don't worry about the space

on the memory card

The Prido i9 camera records footage in a loop. This means that when the microSD memory card is full, you don't have to worry about the new videos not being saved. The device will automatically delete the oldest recordings to make space for the new footage, ensuring that you don't miss any important road events due to memory overflow. The overwritten videos are not the ones protected by the driver or activated by the G-Sensor overload detection.

Szeroki kąt kamera samochodowa


Wide viewing angle

of up to 150°

The field of view of the Prido i9 camera lens covers up to 150 degrees. This is an optimal value that allows you to easily capture details of the road environment in recorded videos, such as road shoulders, while avoiding the image distortion effect typical of cameras with a wider field of view (the "fish-eye" effect). The absence of image distortion and a relatively wide field of view will provide an excellent view of the entire road situation captured in the recorded footage.

Szklanka soczewka obiektyw wideorejestrator Prido i9



of glass

The lens of the Prido i9 camera is made of 7 layers of genuine, crystal-clear glass. Glass, being a natural material, is characterized by much better quality, optical parameters, and resistance to scratches than lenses made of synthetic materials. As a result, the Prido i9 camera not only records higher-quality videos but is also much more resistant to image distortions caused by damage to the lens surface.

Kamera samochodowa karta 256gb


Plenty of space

for your recordings

The Prido i9 camera supports microSD memory cards with a capacity of up to 256GB. This allows you to significantly extend the time before the dashcam starts deleting the oldest recordings and begins overwriting the captured footage in a loop. This feature can be especially attractive for professional drivers who want to have access to recordings of various parts of their journey after completing a trip. Please note that the memory card is not included in the package.


Are you wondering which car camera will be the best for you?

If you value the highest quality, the Prido i9 dashcam is the perfect choice that will meet your expectations. The Prido i9 dashcam is capable of recording in cinematic 4K resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. Recordings in such high resolution are full of details and allow you to notice even the smallest elements of the surroundings, such as passing vehicle license plates. The recording quality can be crucial when it comes to using the car camera footage as evidence in case of a road incident.

The Prido i9 dashcam features a high-quality optical sensor from Sony. The Sony NIGHT VIEW 4K sensor ensures excellent video quality both during the day and at night. This means that your car camera will be a reliable witness of what happens on the road, whether you’re driving on well-lit city streets or on roads with limited lighting.

In addition to that, the Prido i9 dashcam is equipped with a range of features and enhancements that significantly expand its capabilities and the driver’s comfort. These include voice control, wireless connectivity with a smartphone via Wi-Fi, built-in GPS module, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), touch screen display, and the option to expand the car camera with the Prido T1 rear camera module.

Rear Camera Module for the Prido i9 dashcam

If you want to expand the capabilities of your Prido i9 car camera and have it record both what happens in front of your car and what happens behind it, you have the option to do so. The Prido i9 car camera is compatible with the Prido T1 rear camera module. After connecting the rear camera module to the Prido i9 dashcam using a cable, the device will automatically start recording from both cameras simultaneously.

Constant Power Supply for the Prido i9 dashcam

If you want to fully utilize the capabilities of the Prido i9 dashcam, we recommend getting the Prido HK1 Hardwire Kit power adapter. This adapter connects the Prido i9 dashcam directly to the car’s battery, ensuring a constant power supply to the car camera. Even after removing the keys from the ignition and leaving the vehicle, the dashcam will have a reliable power source. This solution allows for the full utilization of the Prido i9 dashcam’s capabilities, especially the four parking modes that the dashcam is equipped with.