prido i5dash cam

Rejestrator jazdy Prido i5
Kamera samochodowa Prido i5
Kamera samochodowa Prido i5
Rejestrator jazdy Prido i5
Kamera samochodowa Prido i5
Kamera samochodowa Prido i5
Rejestrator jazdy Prido i5 - wizualizacja 3D
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media about prido i5

Chipset Novatek NT96658
Image sensor Sony Exmor IMX323
Lens Glass, 6-layers
Focal length f/2.0
View angle 150°
Microphone Yes
Battery Lithium, 320 mAh
USB Type 2.0
File format 1. Video: MP4 (H.264)
2. Photo: JPG
Video resolution 1. 1768x1296px 30FPS
2. Full HD 1920x1080px 30FPS
Photo resolution 12MPX
LCD Screen 2"
Memory card MicroSD up to 64GB
Parking mode Yes
WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) Yes
Motion detection Yes
G-Sensor Yes
Dimensions 64x64x32,8 mm
Accessories included 1. Car charger (2xUSB, 12/24V)
2. Car mounting
3. USB cable (3,6 m)
4. Cable holders
Image stabilization Digital
Rejestrator jazdy Prido i5
wideorejestrator prido i5
Ładowarka samochodowa z dwoma USB
ładowarka 2xUSB 12/24V
kabel microUSB długi - 3,6 metra do wideorejestratora Prido
kabel USB 3,6m
Instrukcja obsługi kamery samochodowej Prido i5
instrukcja obsługi
uchwyt mocujący do kamery Prido
mocowanie rejestratora
Prido i7 PRO Active Parking Mode


parking mode

The Prido i5 dash cam is equipped with the function of active parking mode. Its task is to ensure that the relationship between battery consumption and keeping the camera ready for recording are optimized. If the camera does not register overload for the time indicated by the user, it will go into standby mode. The camera will wake up from standby when the G-Sensor registers an overload.

Ikona Sony Exmor image sensor


image sensor

You no longer have to worry about low light conditions. The SONY Exmor imx323 image sensor can handle the recording of high quality video material both on a sunny day and on a cloudy night.

WDR in Prido dash cams


Wide Dynamic

No matter if you record in intense light or darkness, the WDR system of the Prido dash cam will stabilize level of frame exposure and make small elements of the image, such as license plates, clearly visible.



durable lens made with
high quality glass

The 6-layer high quality glass lens of the Prido dash cam is a guarentee of clear video recordings with very good quality of image. The glass optics of our device provide much better quality than cheap plastic substitutes that you can spot on the market.

Save records in the loop


save recordings
in a loop

Thanks to the loop recording function, you don’t need to buy very large and expensive microSD card. Even when there is no space for microSD, the Prido camera will delete the oldest saved file and save a new one in its place.

Dual charger 2xUSB in every box


Dual charger 2xUSB
in every box

We say NO to the chargers that block the entire car cigarette lighter socket. When you buy our dash cam you will get dual car charger with 2 USB ports straight out of box. Thanks to this, you can power Prido dash cam and charge your smartphone or navigation without having to buy additional accessories.




In the event of overload caused by impact or sudden braking, the G-sensor built in the Prido dash cam will protect the film recorded during the event in such a way that it cannot be overwritten. Thanks to this, you can be sure that you will not lose material that can be proof in the event of a collision.

protect files from being overwritten


protect files
from being overwritten

Thanks to the intelligent file protection function, just click one button to save the currently recorded video in a folder that prevents overwriting. With the Prido dash cam you can be sure that you will not lose your movie as a result of an unexpected end of space on the memory card.