Prido i9 4K Wi-Fi GPS

Cinematic 4K recording quality and a range of advanced features.

A technologically advanced car camera recording in cinematic 4K image quality. Stay safe behind the wheel with voice control, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), and up to 4 unique parking modes. All designed to protect you and your vehicle. The quality of recorded footage is guaranteed by one of the most efficient optical sensors, Sony Night View 4K, ensuring excellent recording quality both day and night. Prido i9 users can also enjoy wireless connectivity to the camera via Wi-Fi (using the free Prido app) and a GPS module. Device control is carried out through a high-quality touch screen. The option to expand the set with an additional T1 rear camera is also available.

Prido X6 + GPS

Recorder with a full-surface touch screen on the mirror.

See much more in your mirror. The Prido X6 dashcam is an integrated car camera with a rearview mirror. The device features a high-quality touch screen covering the entire surface of the mirror and a rear camera module which, when properly connected, functions as a reversing camera. Upon selecting the reverse gear, the Prido X6 dashcam will automatically display the rear camera image on the mirror along with helpful guide lines for easier parking. The Prido X6 GPS camera kit also includes a localization module that, depending on the driver's preferences, can overlay speed and vehicle position information onto the recordings. Such information can be particularly useful if the footage needs to serve as evidence of the driver's innocence in case of a traffic incident.

Prido i7 PRO

Professional 2K dashcam with Sony Starvis sensor and Wi-Fi.

A device designed with professionals in mind. Thanks to the technology applied in the Sony Starvis optical sensor, the camera performs very well in challenging lighting conditions, which can be particularly important for professional drivers who often navigate roads at night. The dashcam records footage in FullHD resolution at a speed of up to 60 frames per second or in 2K resolution at 30 frames per second, ensuring high-quality recordings with a lot of detail (such as license plates of passing vehicles). With the built-in Wi-Fi module in the camera and the free Prido app available on Android and iOS platforms, the driver has the option for wireless connection to the camera to change settings, preview recordings, or share/download footage. Additionally, the Active Parking Mode will protect your vehicle from unexpected incidents.

Prido i5

A reliable FullHD dashcam with a Sony Exmor sensor.

A basic car camera that has everything you need. If you expect a stable operation, an active parking mode, good recording quality, and intuitive control from a car camera, then Prido i5 will be an excellent choice. Thanks to the high-quality Sony Exmor optical sensor, the camera records in FullHD quality, performing well both in daytime and at night recording. The mainboard by Novatek guarantees smooth and stable device operation. With the active parking mode, you don't have to worry about manually adjusting the recording mode to your situation. The camera will automatically detect whether the car is in motion or parked and activate the appropriate operating mode.