prido x6 dash cam

Kamera samochodowa Prido i7 pro | Wi-Fi, Sony STARVIS IMX291, WDR
Kamera samochodowa Prido i7 pro | Wi-Fi, Sony STARVIS IMX291, WDR
Kamera samochodowa Prido i7 pro | Wi-Fi, Sony STARVIS IMX291, WDR

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Lens Glass, 6-layers
View angle Front: 150°
Rear: 130°
Microphone Yes
Battery LiON, 500 mAh
USB Type 2.0
Media formats 1. Video: MOV (H.264)
2. Photo: JPG
Video resolution Front: 1080P/30FPS
Rear: 720P/30FPS
Photo resolution 2MPX
LCD Screen Touch screen 9,66"
Memory card Up to 128GB
Parking mode Yes
LDWS (line assistant) Yes
GPS Module No, but can be added (Prido GPS M1)
G-Sensor Yes
Wi-Fi Yes
Accessories included 1. Rear cam with cables
2. Charger (2xUSB, 12/24V)
3. Mounting rubbers
4. USB Cable (3,6 m)
5. Cable accessories
6. Microfibre cloth
7. Manual (book)
Prido X6 dash cam
Prido X6 dash cam
Rear cam with reversing cam option
rear cam (reversing option)
2xUSB dual charger Prido X6
dual charger 2xUSB
Prido X6 USB Cable
USB cable
Mounting rubbers
mounting rubbers
Cable accessories Prido X6
cable accessories
Microfiber cloth Prido X6
microfiber cloth
Dash cam manual Prido X6
Prido X6 manual
Prido X6 Dual Cam DVR




The Prido X6 car camera records the image from two cameras simultaneously to ensure a full view of the road situation. The rear camera significantly increases the safety of you and your car, also providing additional security in the parking lot. You can switch between the front and rear dash cams in no time with the press of a button. The rear camera module is included in the package.

Prido X6 DVR with rear view parking camera


Back-up easily

avoiding all obstacles

Every obstacle will now be visible on the screen of an almost 10-inch mirror with a built-in car camera. The reversing camera is the perfect complement to the image you see in the car mirrors. With its help, you can perform the parking maneuver in reverse with even greater accuracy and confidence. When you shift into reverse, the Prido X6 will automatically display the rear camera image on the screen.

Prido X6 - DVR with large screen


Screen over the entire

surface of the mirror

The Prido X6 car camera has a screen size of almost 10 inches. This means that it covers the entire surface of the mirror, not just a small part of it. Thanks to this, navigation through the car camera menu, its readability and the impressions of using the video recorder are at a very high level. The screen size is also an undeniable advantage when using the Prido X6 dash cam as a rear view camera, as the rear view camera image will be displayed over the entire mirror surface. The display of the Prido X6 car camera can of course be turned off at any time - then its surface will behave like a normal rear view mirror.

Prido X6 - Touch Screen DVR


Forget about

uncomfortable buttons

With the Prido X6 car camera you will forget about uncomfortable buttons. The entire surface of the mirror is an almost 10-inch touchscreen with excellent quality. Thanks to it, you can easily set the options you are interested in in the video recorder menu and easily gain access to video recordings saved on the memory card. The touch screen of the Prido X6 car camera is characterized by an excellent response time and high sensitivity to touch, which translates into the comfort of using the DVR.

Prido X6 - Dual Cam FullHD + HD DVR


HD image

from both cameras

Two car cameras simultaneously record high-quality footage of the entire traffic situation. Thanks to this, you can be sure that at the time of an accident or other incident on the route, the recording captured by the DVR will be of a quality that will allow it to be used as evidence, e.g. in a compensation case.

Prido X6 - Dash cam with parking mode




The Prido X6 DVR with parking mode is ready to record footage even when you are not near the car. At the moment when someone hits the car left in the parking lot, the overload sensor (G-Sensor) will activate the DVR and start recording. After recording the video, the Prido X6 will re-enter standby mode and wake up only when the G-Sensor detects another overload. Thanks to this, you will have evidence that will easily allow you to locate the perpetrator of a parking damage and obtain compensation.

Dual charger 2xUSB Prido X6


Forget about a blocked

cigarette lighter socket

In the set with each Prido X6 DVR you will receive a dual charger 2xUSB. Thanks to this, after connecting the DVR to the cigarette lighter socket, you will still have one free USB slot that you can use, for example, for car navigation or smartphone charging. With the Prido X6 car camera you will forget about a blocked cigarette lighter socket and the need to buy additional splitters.

Prido X6 - loop recording DVR


Don't worry about

free space on your memory card

The Prido X6 DVR records video in a loop. This means that when the memory card is full, the oldest recordings will be automatically deleted and overwritten with the new ones. This way you can be sure that the dash cam will record even when the space on the microSD card is full.

G-Sensor Prido X6


Automatically secure

your most important recordings

The advanced overload sensor (G-Sensor) detects the forces acting on the car and when potentially too high overloads are registered, it automatically protects the currently recorded material. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the videos recorded during an accident, sudden maneuvers and other unexpected situations on the route will be protected from being overwritten in the loop. G-Sensor also watches when you leave the car in the parking lot. When an overload related to a parking damage is detected, it will activate the Prido X6 recorder and capture a video that will allow you to identify the perpetrator of the damage.

Lane Assist (LDWS) - Prido X6 DVR


Take care of

your safety

The Prido X6 DVR allows you to activate the lane assist function, which will alert the driver with an acoustic signal when he leaves his lane. Lane Assistant (LDWS) is especially suitable for long, lonely routes where the driver has to travel long distances on expressways and motorways. A long and boring route and fatigue can easily lead you to fall asleep at the wheel, and in such a situation the acoustic signal initiated by the lane assistant (LDWS) may prove to be of health or life importance.

Prido GPSM1 - additional GPS module for Prido X6


Collect your

location and speed data

Thanks to the Prido GPSM1 module, you can extend the capabilities of the Prido X6 DVR with the function of location and speed tracking. After connecting the module, the video recorder will collect and save data about the location of your vehicle and the speed at which it was moving. Due to their level of detail, GPS data can be additional and decisive evidence when you want to use the video recorder as evidence in a claim for compensation.